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Assad’s Forces Completely Closed the Abu al-Thahour Crossing

Fresh Online Arabic —–On Monday morning, Assad’s forces closed the Abu al-Thahour Crossing in the eastern suburb of Idlib, according to pro-Assad media. —–The closure of the crossing, which opened on last Monday, was for civilians traveling between rebel factions and Assad’s forces. —–The Assad forces stopped about 10 families …

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“Violet” Launches a Project to Rehabilitate the Infrastructure in Kafranbel in Cooperation with the Local Council

Fresh Online Arabic —–By: Hamza Al-Abd Allah —–In cooperation with the local council of the city of Kafranbel, the “Violet” Organization, operating in Idlib province, launched a project to rebuild the infrastructure destroyed by the bombing and the battles. —–The aim of the project is to rehabilitate the destroyed vital …

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Two Civilians were Wounded in Raids by Assad Warplanes and Helicopters on Al-Tamanah in Idlib Countryside

Fresh Online Arabic —–On today afternoon, Al-Assad’s warplanes and helicopters targeted several raids/ strikes with cluster bombs, barrel bombs and rockets on the town of Al-Tamanah and its surrounding farms in the southern countryside of Idlib, said our reporter.  —–The same aircraft renewed targeting of the town with rockets and …

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