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After Trump’s Decision to Stop the US Aid Program for Northwest Syria, the Situation of the People Is Getting Worse

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By: Mohammed Al-Ubaidu

—–After the seven-year sacrifices made by the Syrian people, after all the sacrifices and the forced displacements, and after all the gambles and agreements, the Syrians in the north hope that there will be an environment containing all the free Syrians who survived the whips of the Assad regime, an environment in which all the requirements of life are fulfilled. The US president announced that his country has decided to stop the aid program for north-west Syria, because the US administration has reviewed the budget millions of dollars for “support and stability” in Syria. 

—–After half of the Syrian people were displaced from the Eastern Ghouta and several cities in the suburbs of Damascus, Homs and Hama to the countryside of Aleppo and Idlib, they hoped for at least a life in which the flags of the regime were not lifted and they did not see the helmets and the soldiers. America came and poured oil on the fire and declared its withdrawal from Syria and cut off support for the liberated areas. 

—–A decision that puts millions of civilians in the north face to face with poverty and suffering in all “medical, educational, relief and humanitarian” aspects, without objecting to the most powerful country in the world, because the concerned ones are the citizens of the North of Syria and not followers of the regime. 

—–By stopping support for organizations and institutions in Syria, civilians in the north will be confined to a narrow geographical area plagued by poverty, disease, unemployment and total paralysis in life, in addition to the bombing and violence practiced by the Assad regime and Russia for years. To make matters worse, there are widespread assassinations, car bombs and improvised explosive devices. 

—–There is no longer any way out of suffering, as if Idlib and Aleppo countryside were a field of experimentation and a table to be gambled by the masters and kings to achieve their personal goals and interests, as if the inhabitants of the north were the wellspring of terrorism and the locus of vandalism to suppress psychologically, culturally and economically from the forces of the regime and Russia. Finally, the United States of America has increased the suffering of the Syrians by stopping the aid program. 

—–America, which has long sympathized with the Syrian issue and proved through the media and social networking sites that they are hostile to the Assad regime and the militias loyal to it, especially by targeting points and military airports belonging to the Assad forces. 

—–All of America’s threats and tears to innocent people killed during the revolution faded overnight on the pretext that America had done its duty to the best of civilians in the liberated areas of Syria, in addition to reviewing the US budget for “support and stability.” 

—–The decision by US President Donald Trump to withdraw from Syria and stop support is likely to open the way for Turkey to take control of Idlib and Aleppo countrysides and make the liberated areas part of the Turkish authorities, especially after the latter has deployed several monitoring points in several areas of Idlib, Aleppo and Hama. 

—–Thus, the liberated north is like a prey that has been wolves. Every wolf wants to take its share of it without finding anyone standing with it and begging it.


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