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Anas Mahmoud and Ahmad Al Oqdah

Sport Youth in Syria

Anas Mahmoud


Ahmad Al Oqdah


In the Syria’s international sport championship, Anas Mahmoud, the Syrian International swimmer, won the bronze medal at the World Open Water Champion in Doha, Qatar.

The bronze medal came from the Masters Category “from 34 to 39 years old” for 1200 meters. While Syrian swimmer Ahmed Al Oqdah won 13th place within the same distance in the Masters Category “from 30 to 34 years old”.

With this result, the Syrian champion, Anas Mahmoud adds a new medal to the Syrian Swimming and Water Federation of the Syrian Sports and Youth Body after his silver medal at the Qatar Open International Championship in 2016 and the three bronze medals of the age group in 2015.

Anas Mahmoud was born in 1979 in Deir Al Zour, and he is an international Syrian swimmer and trainer in Germany for several years. He won several Arab and international titles on behalf of the former Syrian team, German clubs and Syria’s Free team.

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