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Special Award Nominee Spotlight: Radio Fresh

Click HERE: Special Award Nominee Spotlight: Radio Fresh إنقر هنا لقراءة النص بالعربية: راديو فرش تفوزُ بجائزة “ميديا عالم واحد” الدولية —–Our awards spotlight series celebrates the incredible work of some of the nominees of the One World Media Awards 2019. With only a few days to go until the ceremony, our final spotlight …

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VIDEO: Hadi Abdullah

VIDEO: Hadi Abdullah VIDEO: Regime forces committed horrific massacre, bombing a displaced camp on outskirts of Haas, Idlib countryside, in March 20, 2018. Children and women were blasted to pieces, and their tents being used as shelter were destroyed. Children and women blasted to pieces, their simple tents being used …

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Radio Fresh Post

Radio Fresh راديو فرش 10 civilians, most of them from displaced civilians, were killed and more than 10 others were injured by two air strikes on a camp in the north of Kafranbel, Idlib, Syria. #ادلب_حاس الطيران الحربي يستهدف بعدة غارات أطراف بلدة حاس الشمالية. Posted by ‎محمد الجمال‎ on …

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