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Syrian Holocaust

Flame Has Been Lighting Thousands of Candles

Fresh Online Arabic —–Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution and we hear of a few of the revolutionaries who set the path of freedom for millions of Syrians, we believed that the weapon is only the one that ends the battle and relieves suffering, ignoring some of the things …

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Two Civilians were Wounded in Raids by Assad Warplanes and Helicopters on Al-Tamanah in Idlib Countryside

Fresh Online Arabic —–On today afternoon, Al-Assad’s warplanes and helicopters targeted several raids/ strikes with cluster bombs, barrel bombs and rockets on the town of Al-Tamanah and its surrounding farms in the southern countryside of Idlib, said our reporter.  —–The same aircraft renewed targeting of the town with rockets and …

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On Sunday Evening, Displacement in Daraa began

Fresh Online Arabic —–On Sunday, the displacement began in Daraa Al-Balad neighborhoods after the Russian Military Police controlled most of southern Syria through “agreements” with the military factions. —–Media sources said that the number expected in the first batch of nearly two thousand people. The convoys of the displaced consist …

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Martyrs and Wounded Civilians by Artillery Bombardment of “ISIS” on the Town of “Hitt” in Daraa Countryside

Fresh Online Arabic —–On Wednesday evening, four civilians were martyred and several wounded by artillery shelling by the “Army of Khaled” belonging to “ISIS” on the town of “Hitt” in “Yarmouk Basin” in Daraa countryside. —–The “Khaled Army” targeted the town of “Hitt” several mortars, and launched a fierce attack …

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