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Life Full of Pain

Fresh Online Arabic —–My name is “Haifa”. I am 30 years old, from “Hayesh”, in rural Ma’arat al-Nu’man, I am married and I have five children. —–At the beginning of the Syrian revolution, my husband defected from Tishreen Military Hospital in Damascus under the Assad regime because of the injustice, …

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Life Continues Despite the Difficulty of Work

Fresh Online Arabic —–By:  Sobhiya Al-Bayoush —–I am 40 years old, from the city of Kafranbel, married and have four children. We live together in a small house. My husband worked as an assistant engineer at the textile factory in Idlib and received a monthly salary from which we can provide …

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My Mother’s Illness Let me Lost my Patient

Fresh Online Arabic By: Taghreed Abdullah _____My name is Mays. I am thirty years old. I live in the city of Kafranbel. I have two children. I live a harsh life with my husband, especially after the revolution in Syria; the barbaric shelling on the cities and villages has made us …

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A Raid Destroyed the Joy of a Woman

Fresh Online Arabic _____I am 35 years old, from the city of Kafranbel. I am married and I have two children. My husband works as a night guard, in addition to agriculture. _____At the beginning of the revolution and after the barbaric bombardment of the Assad forces, life has become …

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