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Flame Has Been Lighting Thousands of Candles

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—–Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution and we hear of a few of the revolutionaries who set the path of freedom for millions of Syrians, we believed that the weapon is only the one that ends the battle and relieves suffering, ignoring some of the things that were the unknown bullets that managed to reach the suffering of people who lived in oppression and concealment In a purely intelligence state, the policy of repression and torture is adopted.

—–The voice of the truth and its image are two words that we can summarize in two men who lived for this people. They are Raed Fares and Hamoud al-Junaid, who were the mirror of the Syrian revolution all over the world.

—–“Raed” carried this name of the most beautiful knight of meanings that has given him the manhood and taught him the meaning of freedom voice of the people, he was a knight to his name that did not have this meaning if it was not in this person.

—–His revolutionary ideas were the leading role in bringing the voice of the people of his city to the far reaches of the globe, until Kafranbel has become the icon of the revolution in the Syrian north, but throughout Syria.

—–Raed met with his revolutionary comrades, and they suffered from the brutality of the “Assad regime” and he put for each of them duties like mountains. Raed and his companion, Hamoud, managed to draw a path for generations that would not forget the meaning of the words of Raed and the laughter of Hamoud.

—–Raed has been dreaming in a home of freedom in which all Syrians live, and beginning his struggle to get his dream came out hitting the ground in search of people who know the meaning of the civil state and carry some of humanity, so that Raed, this knight, with some of his comrades could establish a system able to deliver free voice to all the Syrian people, so that “Radio Fresh” is the result.

—–This fruit ignited some of the candles that Raed Fares had a leading role in their establishment and ideas. This system was subjected to a lot of pressure and harassment from some parties, which were the main reason for the great failure of the situation of the revolution.

—–A few words that Raed would say to anyone who worked in this free media organization that would have been enough to be a surgeon’s balm for every worker. These words were a catalyst for everyone in us to be the voice of the right alternative to Raed. “We will continue, and we will change the face of this world. Every one of us should be a platform for the path of freedom, to live in beautiful Syria, “words that were the broad line to walk the thousands of free Syrians”.

—–He studied medicine and was a doctor for all our pains. He studied the media, and he was a torch and a beacon for hundreds of journalists. He loved freedom and planted it in the hearts of thousands of Syrians.

—–Although he knew his fate; because he received many threats with his friend and companion, Hamoud. They tried to assassinate him several times, but he walked on this dangerous path, because of his love for free Syria and his love for the breath of freedom.

—–As usual, the approach of Raed and his friend Hamoud has not been admired by the masked faces the descendants of the al-Assad family because of Raed’s and Hamoud’s honesty and sincerity in their work, so that the hand of treachery would precede their two bodies before they got what they wanted. A few bullets from a deviant hand could have left the two knights on this world. November is the date of the fall of the knight on horseback.

—–People were in the mosques and in the middle of the road, two gunmen shot Raed and Hamoud to raise their pure spirits to their Creator and the murderers went. As usual it was recorded against unknown people to join Raed and Hamoud to the convoys of martyrs of freedom.

—–We promised to go on this road together but they left and we stayed and do not know when to leave, and we promise that we continue and follow the road until we reach their dreams and the dreams of all Syrians, or die and we will be with them in Heaven.


By: Mohammad Abbas – Kafranbel, Idlib 

Translated By: Mahmoud Abbi


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