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Idlib… Fear of the Unknown after the Decision of the US Administration to Suspend the Humanitarian Aid Program

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By: Hamza Al-Abd Allah

—–As if all the problems, concerns and the low standard of living of the majority of the population of Idlib province did not be enough, until the announcement of US President Donald Trump on the suspension of the humanitarian program provided by the United States of America to the north-west of Syria, which includes the province of Idlib and the countrysides of Aleppo and Hama and Lattakia.

—–The humanitarian Aid Program provided by the United States of America, which specializes in supporting many projects, including medical, educational, relief and other projects, which benefit a large number of people from Idlib province where they benefit from free hospitals and education services provided by these organizations for free for years.

—–Today, after the decision of the US President to withdraw from Syria, which seems that he has taken a final decision to withdraw, which will start implementation from north-west Syria, specifically from the province of Idlib, which is a home for dozens of organizations working in various areas where there are many hospitals and health centers, which will be severely affected by the suspend of the Humanitarian Aid Program, not to mention the negative effects of the decision to stop the aid, which will deprive the citizens of Idlib province of health and medical services, especially that the majority of the residents of the province rely on the services provided by the hospitals. It is something that will lead to the deterioration of the health status, which will result in the consequences that may not be ominous, especially in light of the economic situation and the deteriorating standard of living for the majority of the population in the province.

—–Not only the medical sector, which will be affected by the decision of the President of the United States, the education sector will also be affected by the decision, and projects related to the empowerment of women will receive a share of the damage, which will lead to increased unemployment, especially that the vast majority of hospitals and health centers and education and women’s empowerment centers will be closed in those areas.

—–Perhaps the most prominent sector will be affected by the suspension of the aid program is the medical sector; because it is the most important in the province where there are dozens of hospitals operating in the province, which provides free medical services to the people and provide medicines that may not be located outside these hospitals, where if they are found they are sold at high prices.

—–The medical sector, which the people of Idlib province depends on largely because of the air attacks on the province of Idlib by the regime’s warplanes and the biggest enemy of the Syrian people (Russia), is now threatened to stop the health and medical services.

—–The administration of President Donald Trump is ignoring all warnings. These warnings are a major humanitarian disaster that will hit the region after the withdrawal, which Trump has no intention of backing away from, a decision that seems to carry a new deal or swap one region to another under serious talk of power sharing in Syria just before the end of the war.

—–Trump, who has launched tweets and comments on social networking sites, made statements that seemed to contradict all the contradictions. While he appeared to sympathize with the issue of the Syrians and described the regime’s head as animal and sometimes in his campaign, he launched a series of calls to expel the refugees, including the Syrians, everything that afflicts their country.

—–Today, after the US president’s decision to suspend the humanitarian aid program for the north-west of Syria, a decision that seems to raise a wave of questions about the reason for the withdrawal and linking it to what is about the possibility of influential countries in the Syrian issue to take their share and the division of Syria, or Trump decided to withdraw from the region, leaving it to the Assad regime, claiming the end of the American role in the region after the “Elimination of ISIS”, between here and there, it seems tthat the innocent in Syria will pay the price.


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