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“Let the days return to see my sons as one body pulling each other”

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My name is Fatima. I am married and I have five children. My two sons Khaled and Ismail worked in the army of the regime in Aleppo and our financial situation was fairly good.

Our suffering began with the beginning of demonstrations of freedom and the departure of “Bashar Assad”, I can no longer see “Khalid and Ismail.” I used to talk to them at the beginning and urge them to defect from the regime and get back to us.

But they were convinced that the regime was right and that the demonstrators were “terrorists” and decided to take their family to their place of work and I could not do anything.

My son Musa was different. He was always involved in all the demonstrations. He always told me that Khaled and Ismail were our enemies. When I heard the words of Musa towards his brothers, my eyes were stained with tears, and I said in my own mind that all of them are like the Moon that shines my heart and I can not hate anyone.

One day, my son Abdullah went to work where he worked at the texture factory in Idlib. He was arrested because he was helping one of the regime’s members to defect. When I tried to tell my sons who were working for the regime, they reacted by not talking to them about it again. Thus, it was the last conversation between me and them.

After six months of the arrest of “Abdullah”, the battle to liberate the city of Kafranbel began.In this battle, l lost my son, Musa.

The news of his martyrdom was the most difficult thing that ever happened to me in my life. He left behind him his wife and children who did not know anything about the world.

I have lost all my family, I was looking around me and I see only the wives of my sons, and I say to myself, If only the days come back to me so that I can see all my sons by my side, I can no longer endure after Fate has separated them from me. “Khaled and Ishmail” are with Assad Regime, “Abdullah” is in the detention, “Musa” is a martyr under the soil and I suffer and my heart breaks out for my sons and their families.

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