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Life Full of Pain

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—–My name is “Haifa”. I am 30 years old, from “Hayesh”, in rural Ma’arat al-Nu’man, I am married and I have five children.

—–At the beginning of the Syrian revolution, my husband defected from Tishreen Military Hospital in Damascus under the Assad regime because of the injustice, corruption and oppression that the regime used to restrain the demonstrators. We returned to our village of Hayesh and stayed in a room in the house of my husband’s parents. In addition, our financial situation has become very bad, What has been worse is the barbaric bombardment of towns and villages by the Assad Air Force.

—–Despite the war and fear, my husband went out every day to work. Shortly afterwards, my husband was delayed on his way back home. Fear and anxiety made me feel like my children missed their father at lunch, and only a few minutes later an ambulance came with people from the village. When I arrived, I knew that he had been shot by Assad sniper while he was working. Here my real suffering has begun, where I lived with my children in one room like a prison in the absence of my husband.

—–After 5 months, I was offered to marry my husband’s brothers to keep the children and meet their needs, which made me feel strange to them, and because of the problems that afflicted us and the insults directed at me, I decided to leave my children with their grandfather and to stay away from the family because I can not meet their needs.

—–I have gone to my brother who lives in the town of Basaqlla. After my stay with him several days, he traveled to Germany because of the bad conditions. He left me with his wife, who showed signs of dissatisfaction with my presence.

—–I was looking for work but my brother rejected the idea. Then I decided to get married to get rid of this torment and misery, so I married an old man and moved to live in the city of Kafranbel but I missed my children, who have not seen them for a long time.

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