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“Talib Jacob Al Tamer”.. A Dream Stolen on a Dark Night

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The martyr “Talib Jacob Al Tamer” was born in 1978 in Kafranbel. He is married and has five children (two sons and a daughter). He is the father of two children orphaned to his brother, “Mohammed”. One of them is sick with glands.He studied in Thi Qar School and took the preparatory certificate and then left the study.

Before the revolution, with his father, he worked as a barber. He continued his work as part of the revolution in the men’s shaving salon, in addition to his work in the sale of Petroleum and Gas, and also supervised of a electric generator with a simple salary.

He was killed while working in the petrol shop with shrapnel in his head and chest from the Russian aggression warplanes.

“Talib was for me a father like my father and my mother, and he considered me like his children and taught me of the right and the wrong, did not want me to do acts that harm me so that my reputation among people is bad”. Ahmad, his brother told Fresh Online. “He was loved by all people and did not not talk against anyone and all the people loved him and was a compassionate father with a good heart, where he did not hate anyone”, added he.

“Talib is a friend and brother with a good heart and moral ethics, did not complain about the poor situation despite the lack of money, Allah’s mercy be upon him and”, “Ahmed Salah Al Tamer”, relative and friend of the Martyr, told Fresh Online.

“They asked me about the life of the martyr Talib Al Tamer, I replied that he was a courteous man and he taught me the first work in my life. He was for me the first friend and the first and lasted teacher to more than ten Years before my trip to Saudi Arabia. We stayed in contact and he was telling me that his dream began to be achieved by building the rest of his home, which dreamed a lot, and when he achieved his dream, the treachery warplane came and took his soul out with his dream”, “Abu Abdo”, his friend told Fresh Online.

Talib’s dream was confined to building a home to hide his children from days that he did not know what to hide for him, but a Russian treacherous warplane stole this dream, The dream of a student was limited to building a private home to protect him and his children from days he did not know what to hide for him, to steal a Russian treacherous plane this dream, and lost hope he waited, and it moved him from the life of misery to the immortal life. His memory is immortalized in the minds of his family and loved ones.

By: Moaed Okda (Kafranbel-Idlib)

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