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With Work and Hope, Nour Challenged Circumstances and Achieved her Dream


Nour is a 20-year-old woman from rural Idlib. She studied at the University of Aleppo at the Dental Institute. Nour’s dream was to work in her study field and to open her own dental laboratory.

With the revolution, the bad security situation, and the spread of Assad’s forces in the cities, and their campaigns of arbitrary arrests, Nour left her studies at the university and returned to her city Idlib to live among her family, safe from the oppression of the Assad regime.

Nour was married to a young man. Shortly after the marriage, despite the worsening living conditions, Nour remained determined to return to her study if she had the opportunity, and she lived on that hope.

In the city of Idlib, the war intensified and in the city of Idlib, Nour and her husband went to another city, thinking that it was safer. Life became hard and difficult. Nour decided to work in a dental laboratory to help her husband.

Nour worked in one of the dental laboratories, a job she had always loved since she was young. She wished to complete her studies to work in this field, and without completing her studies, she achieved what she dreamed of.

One day, while Nour was dizzy and tired, she went to the hospital and did some tests. It was a great joy, where she knew that she was pregnant, Nour did not leave the lab during her pregnancy, despite she felt exhausted and tired. She gave birth to her baby and sat at home for four months to take care of him, then returned to her work and happiness flooded her heart.

With determination and hope to complete life, and despite the hard conditions and war that separated the family, Nour was able to achieve her dream and raise her children. She was not a burden on her husband, but she was a support for him and her children.


By: Nisreen Al Mousa (Kafranbel – Idlib)

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