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63 New Covid-19 cases were recorded in northern Syria

The number of Covid-19 recovery cases has increased in northwestern Syria to 97018 after recording 111 new cases yesterday. The cities and towns of north and east Aleppo have recorded 73 cases and 38 cases in Idlib, while the region has recorded 57 new cases bringing the total number of infections to 102,566 according to a statistic published by the Epidemiological Surveillance Laboratory.

The infections were distributed in Idlib governorate and the cities and towns of the northern and eastern Aleppo countryside, with the latter registered 32 cases, while the governorate recorded 25 cases, according to the laboratory.

The laboratory has not recorded any deaths, remaining the total number of deaths in the region at 2446.

The number of infections in the “Peace Spring” region has increased to 13,270 after 6 new cases were recorded yesterday, and the number of recovery cases has increased to 11,644 after documenting the recovery of 47 cases, while no deaths were recorded, keeping the total number of deaths at 90.

The medical authorities have warned of a new wave after the arrival of ”Omicron”  which exceeded their capacity due to the depletion of the health sector in the previous wave, while the percentage of vaccinated people hasn’t exceeded 8% in the liberated areas.

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