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92 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded in northwestern Syria

Yesterday, Monday, the Early Warning Network recorded 92 new infections with Corona virus in northwestern Syria, bringing the number of recorded infections to 27,002.

The network stated that 34 new cases were recorded in Aleppo countryside (18 in Afrin, 3 in al-Bab, 2 in Jarablus, 8 in Azaz, 3 in Jabal Samaan), and Idlib governorate recorded 58 infections (10 in Ariha, 32 in Harem, 16 in Idlib).

The network recorded 40 cases of recovery, 17 of which were recorded in the countryside of Aleppo (14 in Afrin, 2 in Jarablus, 1 in Jabal Samaan), and 23 were recorded in Idlib Governorate (14 in Ariha, 4 in Harem, 5 in Idlib), bringing the number of recovery cases to 23,333, and the number of deaths from Corona virus recorded by the network in the liberated areas reached 727.

The Epidemiological Surveillance Laboratory of the Early Warning Network Program indicated that it conducted 760 analyzes of the Corona virus, bringing the number of analyzes it carried out to 171,433 in northern Syria.

The campaign to vaccinate people with chronic diseases, the elderly, health and humanitarian workers against the Corona virus continues, in the liberated areas in northwestern Syria, under the supervision of the Syria Vaccine Team. It was launched on the morning of Saturday, May 1, 2021, in the Idlib governorate.

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