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A delegation from the French Foreign Ministry meets with the National Coalition to discuss the latest field and political developments in Syria

The French Foreign Ministry announced France’s rejection to normalize relations with the Assad regime, or lift the sanctions imposed on it. The French Foreign Ministry also rejected participating in reconstruction without reaching a political solution.

This came during a meeting of the Syrian National Coalition with a delegation from the French Foreign Ministry headed by the French envoy to Syria, Brigitte Curmi, during which the two sides discussed the latest field and political developments in Syria.

The French delegation affirmed their ongoing support for Syrian people. The delegation pointed out that the Syrian file is important for European Union, and will always seek to find a real solution, as the deceptive image of stability does not achieve stability.

The delegation referred to France’ priorities in Syria, namely resuming the intensive work to reach a political solution. Paris considered the crisis in Syria hasn’t yet ended, and there is still no stability in the country.

The delegation added that France is “working to find a common European vision on Syria, and is seeking to open a regional dialogue with the active countries hosting Syrian refugees to crystallize a common solution.”

The head of the National Coalition, Salem Al-Meslat, spoke about “the importance of the French and European role in advancing the stalled political process in Syria, and reaching a political transition in accordance with the Geneva Communiqué and relevant international resolutions, especially Resolutions 2118 and 2254.”

Al-Meslat stressed that “the National Coalition is keen to adhere to the political process despite the Assad regime’ refusal  to engage in any real political process and his insistence on bloody and military approach. He noted that the UN envoy, Geir Pedersen, calling for a step by step approach has raised many question marks.

He explained that “the National Coalition stands against the Russian aggression on Ukraine, and considers that the Ukrainian people have become victims, as is the case with the Syrian people, who have been subjected to unprecedented war crimes in the modern era at the hands of the Assad regime and the Russian and Iranian regimes.”

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