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A Syrian child wins the title of world champion in the Taiwan International Mental Arithmetic Championship

The Syrian child, Jad Al-Bayoush, was able to obtain the title of world champion in mental arithmetic, after he topped the group of the first 10 in second place in the Taiwan International Surban Championship.

In the details, the child Jad was able to perform 50 calculations in one minute and 27 seconds, a difference of several seconds from the first, to be able to grab the first place and get the title of world champion.

The championship included 33 countries from all over the world, and 10 championships participated in it after passing a number of exercises and final tests that qualified them to compete in the final competition for the world title.

Jad was officially nominated to compete in the Taiwan International Mental Arithmetic Championship on the second of last December, after passing all the training and final exams.

Jad began learning the mental arithmetic “Surban” in March of last year, and within a short period of time he managed to grab the title of the European continent in August of the same year, to win within days the title of world champion after performing the calculations in record time.

The child, Jad Al-Bayoush, descends from Kafr Nabl, south of Idlib, born on August 14, 2014, and currently lives in the town of Eskat near the Turkish border, after his family was displaced as a result of the military campaigns on the southern countryside of the governorate and the control of the Assad regime forces over his hometown.

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