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Abdel Majid Barakat explains the problems facing the work of the Constitutional Committee

A member of the political body in the National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces, Abdul Majid Barakat, today, Thursday, raised several problems facing the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee.

In an exclusive interview with Fresh Online, Barakat says: “It is clear that during the last five rounds of the constitutional committee, there were several fundamental problems impeding the work of the committee.”

He added that the problems are represented by three points, namely: “the lack of a clear timetable that determines when the work of the Constitutional Committee will end, the setting of non-binding procedural rules that prevent political discussions outside the framework of the constitution, the non-serious role of the United Nations and the international envoy.”

Barakat called on the international community to set a timetable that defines the end of the Constitutional Committee’s work, and a clear role for the international envoy.

He concluded that the international community has become fully aware that the work method in the Constitutional Committee is not productive, despite the opposition’s talk at length about this matter with the sponsoring countries in Geneva and the guarantor countries in “Astana” (Turkey, Russia and Iran).

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