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An American report calls on the Biden administration to put an end to any idea of ​​withdrawal from Syria

In a report, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy called on the administration of US President Joe Biden to put an end to any idea that includes the withdrawal of US forces from Syria.

This comes at a time when an atmosphere of tension and anxiety prevails among Washington’s allies over the consequences of the Afghanistan-style withdrawal.

The institute’s report added that after withdrawing from Afghanistan, the Biden administration should continue to reassure the SDF, loudly and publicly, that Washington has no plans to leave its areas of control in northern and eastern Syria.

The report stressed that the partnership with the Syrian Democratic Forces is of particular importance in view of the situation west of the Euphrates, where the Assad regime forces are still unable to eliminate ISIS, and the report warns that the return of ISIS to the southern areas of the Syrian Democratic Forces will pose great risks.

In its report, the institute called on the US administration to pressure foreign governments to expedite the return of their citizens from the self-management camps.

This came at a time of tension and anxiety among the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces, against the backdrop of the sudden US withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the possibility of repeating the same thing in Syria, which means abandoning them and leaving them in direct confrontation with a fate that will not be in their favor.

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