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An upcoming meeting between Biden and Putin to discuss several issues, including the mechanism for entering aid into Syria

US Presidents Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin will meet today, Wednesday, to discuss several issues, including the mechanism for the entry of humanitarian aid into Syria, which made this meeting important for the Syrians.

Russia is seeking to close the Bab al-Hawa crossing, the only UN aid outlet to northwestern Syria, and to limit this aid to the Assad regime, which the United States and Europe are seeking to prevent, according to recent statements.

According to the American Associated Press, President Joe Biden will appeal to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in their meeting today, June 16 in Geneva, to reverse his threat to close the Bab al-Hawa crossing, north of Idlib.

The agency added, “Biden looks forward to averting another wave of civilian suffering in the devastating war in Syria when he meets Putin.”

The agency believed that closing the crossing and assigning the Assad regime the tasks of humanitarian distribution, would help portray Bashar al-Assad as the victor in the war and the legitimate ruler of Syria after all that happened, and then deepen the regional influence of Russia, an ally of the Assad regime, in any attempt to rebuild Syria.

A few days ago, Putin said that the provision of humanitarian aid should be carried out through the “central government of the country” and to all residents of the regions in Syria without discrimination.

The Associated Press quoted opponents as saying that the Assad regime did not hesitate to use the weapon of starvation of civilians and siege as a tool in the war, and opponents fear the flow of refugees to neighboring Turkey to destabilize if the crossing is closed.

Source: Radio Alkul

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