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Anadolu Agency: “Hamas” movement is preparing to normalize its relations with the Assad regime

The Palestinian “Hamas” movement is preparing to restore its relations with the Assad regime, after a 10-year estrangement since the eruption of the Syrian revolution.

A Palestinian source told yesterday the Turkish “Anadolu” agency that there are efforts by Hamas movement to restore relations with the Assad regime.

The source said that the positive progress came after efforts made by the Lebanese “Hezbollah” militia during the past months to mediate between the two sides, which the militia has been given a green light to take measures on the ground aiming to bring their views closer.

The source added that Hamas movement and Assad regime are preparing to start a new phase and normalize relations between them, after a 10-year estrangement.  

The source, who asked not to be named, revealed to Anadolu agency that the two sides are preparing to start a new phase of restoring relations between them during the coming period.

He pointed out that the two sides agreed to open direct communication channels for constructive dialogue in order to resume relations gradually.

He explained that the movement is open to the new direction of restoring relations with Assad regime after the leaders of Hamas have unanimously decided in favor of this new direction.

The relations between the two sides broke off after the eruption of the Syrian revolution against the Assad due to the tension between them.

The source indicated that the movement leadership is not opposed to improving relation with Assad regime to maintain a balanced relationship with all Arab parties in a way that serves the Palestinian cause.

The source emphasized that the “Hamas” movement is not a party to any intra-Arab conflict and is at the same distance from everyone.

The source revealed that the “Hezbollah” militias’ measures on the ground pave the way for conducting a direct dialogue between the two sides.

The Assad regime continued to take a tough stance regarding restoring relations with Hamas, in contrast to its allies Iran and Hezbollah militias, who maintained continuity of relations with the movement, despite their previous position on the Syrian revolution.

However, Hezbollah’s recent efforts have softened Assad’s stance on restoring relation with the movement, according to the same source.

The source pointed out that the leadership of the movement has recently informed a number of Arab and Islamic countries about its efforts to restore the relations with the Assad regime, which in turn welcomed this step.

The movement has based in Damascus city since 1999, but with the developments of the Syrian revolution, the relations with the Assad regime worsened due to its violent repression of demonstrators, which the movement rejected at that time.

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