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“Autonomous Administration” denies any plan to dismantle al-Hol camp

Sheikh Mousa Ahmed, the head of the Displaced and Refugees Affairs Office at “Autonomous Administration” denied any plan to dismantle al-Hol camp in al-Hasakah countryside, northeastern Syria.

Ahmed’s denial came in response to the Iraqi National Security Adviser’s announcement of starting a new international joint work between Iraq and the United Nations to close al-Hol camp, confirming that Baghdad government is not responsible for dismantling or keeping the camp.

Ahmed also said: “Dismantling al-Hol camp requires international intervention to return the people reside in it to their countries, and to return the Syrian refugees to Assad regime-controlled areas. However, there are no guarantees from international organizations not to be exposed to any harm.”

He pointed out that the Kurdish “Autonomous Administration” faces many difficulties in dealing with the camp file, on top of which is the closure of “Al Yaroubiya” crossing, and the international inaction.

Al-Hol camp includes the largest number of ISIS women and children, with a population of more than 65,000 people, distributed in 13,000 tents.

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