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The Jordanian authorities announced the seizure of more than 6 million narcotic pills coming from Syria

The Jordanian army thwarted yesterday a smuggling attempt of over 6 million “Captagon” narcotic pills coming from the Syrian territories.  

Jordanian channel quoted an official military source in the Jordanian army as saying that the northern military region troops thwarted yesterday smuggling attempt of large quantities of narcotic drugs after the army clashed with the smugglers, leading to the injury of one of the smugglers and escaping the others towards the Syrian territories.  

The source indicated that a vehicle carried large quantities of narcotics was seized, containing 578 sheets of hashish, 6.447 million Captagon pills, 1,876 Lyrica narcotic pills, and a number of devices and equipment used for smuggling purposes.

The Jordanian authorities have repeatedly announced that they have thwarted attempts to smuggle large quantities of narcotics into Jordan across the Jordanian border coming from Syria, since the Assad regime forces and Iranian militias loyal to it took control of the southern region.

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