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Turkish newspaper: Assad regime’s conditions for Turkey to withdraw its forces are “nonsense” that hampers the start of negotiations

The Turkish newspaper “Milliyet” said that Assad regime does not want to negotiate with Turkey to reach understandings on some issues, and it imposes its conditions on Turkey to start a dialogue.

The newspaper said in a report that the conditions set by Assad regime will not lead to start a dialogue with Ankara, and Assad’s conditions will not motivate or push Turkey towards a dialogue.

The newspaper said that talk about holding diplomatic meetings between the two sides was accompanied by official or non-official “nonsense” of the Assad regime which requires Ankara to withdraw its forces from Syria.

The newspaper considered that Assad regime’s talk and insistence on Turkey to withdraw its forces confirm that it does not care about the presence of “terrorist” organizations or the plans to establish a “terrorist statelet” on Turkey’s southern borders.

The newspaper considered that the pre-conditions for Turkey to withdraw its forces only indicate to a wrong way by Assad regime, if it really wants to negotiate and dialogue.

The newspaper warned in its report of the danger of Turkey withdrawing its military forces in Syria, pointing out that this would mean the return of “terrorist” organizations to Syria, at a time the Assad regime and its ally Russia are not seeking to confront them.

The newspaper made it clear that Russia is aware of the Assad regime’s demands for Ankara to start dialogue.

The newspaper called on Russia to restrain the Assad regime from its intransigent position if it really wants to conduct negotiations between the two sides.

The newspaper stressed that the upcoming Russian-Turkish meetings on Syria should be preceded by steps against the Syrian Democratic Forces, and the creation of appropriate conditions for the safe return of refugees, confirming that failure to implement this would prompt Turkey to start its military operation.

A few days ago, the media circulated a list of leaked conditions bearing the name (5 vs. 5) for Turkey and the Assad regime to start negotiations between them, but neither side confirmed this.

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