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Turkey agrees to grant Turkish citizenship to newborn Syrian children while their parents are naturalized

The Syrian-Turkish Joint Committee announced on its Facebook account the acceptance of the proposal that grants the Turkish citizenship to children who born while their parents were naturalized and their identity documents were not submitted during the first step of naturalization.

According to the previous naturalization system, the child was granted a temporary protection card (Kimlik), and his file was studied to grant him citizenship and included him in his parents’ file, which made the parents suffer from problems of permission to travel and move between states, according to the committee.

The Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu revealed last August that the number of Syrians who have obtained Turkish citizenship reached 211,000 people, 120,000 of whom are eligible to vote in the elections.

On June 11, Soylu had previously confirmed a package of new measures, stressing that it would control the illegal immigration in the country.

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