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Assad regime forces are heavily shelling Jabal al-Zawiya in Idleb countryside

Assad regime forces on Sunday morning intensified the artillery shelling on Jabal al-Zawiya villages in southern Idleb countryside.

Radio Fresh’s correspondent said that Assad regime forces shelled with heavy artillery both al-Barah and Benin towns. However, no civilian casualties were reported.  

The Assad regime forces also targeted with heavy artillery the villages of al-Fatirah and Fleifel in the southern Idleb countryside, in addition to the village of al-Ruwaiha in the eastern part of Jabal Al-Zawiya southern Idlib, causing the injury of a woman in al-Fatirah village.

On the other hand, the revolutionary factions targeted with heavy artillery the strongholds of Assad regime forces on al-Bahsa axis in northwestern Hama, causing injuries to its members.

The Assad regime forces have previously shelled with heavy artillery the towns and villages in the countryside of Hama and Idleb, injuring a civilian in the Qaminas village, east of Idlib.

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