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The Assad regime seeks to impose its effective control over the settlement areas in Daraa governorate

Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper said on Friday that the Assad regime forces are seeking through a “new policy” to impose their effective control over areas in Daraa Governorate in southern Syria after they had been controlling them “nominally” since entering the reconciliation agreement in 2018.

The newspaper quoted activists as saying what Assad regime is doing regarding bringing military reinforcements and threatening some areas known for their rebellion against the Assad regime, even after the settlements, are only within the framework of that policy.

Activists made it clear that the Assad regime’s military operations that lately threaten the areas of settlements as happened in Tafas in Daraa countryside and recently happened in northern Jasim are but “reengineering” of the reconciliation agreement signed by the opposition factions and the Russian side in 2018, stipulating that the factions keep their light weapons and hand over the heavy ones, according to the newspaper.

The newspaper pointed out that the Assad regime’s recent operations by imposing a new situation in the settlement areas needed justification for the Russian guarantor, so the regime had no excuse for his operations other than the presence of ISIS cells.

Daraa governorate in southern Syria has witnessed a state of ongoing insecurity for years, represented by almost daily killings and assassinations targeting former leaders and members of the rebel and settlement factions, in addition to operations targeting members and officers of the Assad regime army and the security services affiliated with it.

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