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“Jusoor Center for Studies”: Washington is intensifying its activity in the Syrian file

“Jusoor Center for Studies” confirmed in a report that the United Nations has intensified its activity in the Syrian file in order to emphasize its presence as major international actor in Syria, taking a series of political and military steps through the last months.

United Nations’ intensification comes after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, where the report made it clear that Washington has strengthened its presence in Syria militarily by establishing new points, conducting unprecedented drills, visiting its military leaders to Syria or carrying out strikes, with the aim of sending messages to Russia, Iran and Turkey.

Washington also strengthened its presence politically by participating in the Geneva meeting on Syria, which was attended by representatives of 11 countries, which came after Russia’s call to transfer the headquarters of the Syrian Constitutional Committee meetings to another country outside the Swiss capital, according to the report.

The report considered the meeting as a message to Russia that the United Nations is ready to support a new international formula in order to contribute in sponsoring the political process besides the United Nations.

The report pointed out that the meeting is to prevent any tendency that leads to monopolizing the sponsorship of the political process through the Astana formula or any other formula that Russia may work to establish away from the contribution of the West.

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