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Russian airstrikes target the outskirts of Idleb city

Russian warplanes early on Saturday targeted with several airstrikes the western parts of Idleb city.

Our correspondent said: Three Russian warplanes are flying  simultaneously in the airspace of Idleb countryside, and they are targeting the western parts of Idleb city with violent strikes. However, no casualties were reported.

Our correspondent added: Assad regime’s artillery shelling targeted al-Wasata axis in Aleppo western countryside, and no casualties were reported.

The Russian warplanes have intensified the shelling on northwestern Syria as they committed at the beginning of this month a massacre in south of Hafsarja village, west of Idleb, against workers in a sawmill. On last July the Russian warplanes also committed a horrific massacre in al-Jadida town in Idleb western countryside.

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