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Washington is working with its partners to prevent the Captagon that Assad regime exports to other countries

The member of the US House of Representatives, French Hill, said that the United States will work with its partners to prevent the Captagon, which Assad regime exports, from reaching to the peoples in the first place. In addition to stop funding Assad regime’s military machine through this trade that brings in millions of dollars.

Hill made it clear that the Assad regime did not just punishing the Syrian people through the war it launched against them, but it begins to punish the whole Middle East through producing and smuggling drugs across Jordan to the Gulf and even Europe, according to Syria TV website.

Hill warned that these narcotic substances, which Bashar al-Assad produces and exports, might reach to America and African countries, if he went unpunished.

Hill stated that he and the Representative Brendan Boyle had submitted a bill to develop a strategy to disrupt and dismantle narcotics production and trafficking and networks linked to the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria.

Hill pointed out that it is not good to normalize with Assad, not only because he is killing and torturing Syrians, but also because he has become a cross-border criminal. It is in the interest of Assad’s neighbors and the European Union to develop a strategy to stop narcotic smuggling and the funding that Assad receives from the drugs.

The French newspaper Le Figaro had previously reported that the revenues of Captagon smuggling in the Middle East have reached $5 billion, reflecting a huge increase in a large-scale illicit trade that poses a threat to health and safety in the region.

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