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Turkish Defense Minister reveals his country’s goal from the military operations in Syria

Turkish Defence Minister, Hulusi Akar, revealed on Monday through a video conference that the only aim of the Turkish army’s operations is to fight “terrorism” and secure the Turkish border.

Akar said that “the Turkish army has killed 36143 terrorists since July 24, 2015, pointing out that the number of terrorists who have been killed in Syria and Iraq, since the beginning of this year, has reached 2874 terrorists, referring to the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

Akar explained that Turkish army’s operations have destroyed the hideouts, the depots, and the shelters of terrorist organizations in addition to seizing the weapons and ammunitions inside them.

The Turkish intelligence was able to kill the leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, Mohammad Akyoul, the military official of the organization in Ain Issa area in Raqqa countryside.

Erdogan has previously stated that his country is determined to launch a new military operation in the areas of northeastern Syria controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces, with the aim of establishing a 30-km-deep safe zone on the Syrian-Turkish border.

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