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European official: The EU’s visits to Syria are for humanitarian purposes and not for normalization with Assad regime

The Chargé d’Affairs of the European Union Mission to Syria “Dan Stoenescu” confirmed that the European Union’s visits to Syria are within limited relations with the Assad regime and their aim is humanitarian, and there will be no normalization with the Assad regime.

Stoenescu considered that there is no suitable environment in Syria for the safe and dignified return of the Syrians, unless a comprehensive political process takes place, pointing to the need to put pressure on the regime to implement Resolution 2254.

Stoenescu made it clear that the economic situation is the worst now in the history of Syria, pointing out that his recent visit to Syria was with the aim of reviewing the projects there, and regarding the areas of northwestern Syria.

Stoenescu indicated that it is difficult to conduct visits to these areas due to the security situation and the ongoing shelling, stressing that the European Union is making sure that assistance reaches the needy and is not stolen by the Assad regime.

Stoenescu had previously considered that “the visit of the joint mission between the European Union and the United Nations to the Assad regime-controlled areas is of paramount importance, taking into account the increasing humanitarian needs, at a time the visit was considered in the process of international normalization with the Assad regime.

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