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Turkish opposition party announces new plan to deport Syrian refugees

The deputy head of the party for security policies in the Turkish opposition “Good” party, Mehmet Tolga Akalın, said on Saturday that his party will deport the Syrian refugees residing in Turkey as soon as he takes office through mechanism representing by dividing them in to three batches unti 2026.

Akalın added that sending the Syrian refugees will not be within the return plan throughout the year, but only in the summer months between June 1 and September 3, gradually until 2026.

Akalın made it clear that regarding the Syrian refugees who have the temporary protection status, a three-year plan was also developed to return those people starting day after the part takes office, according to “Independent” newspaper.

Syrian refugees in Turkey suffer from pressure due to the opposition parties’ racism, especially with the approaching elections, which prompted them to migrate to European countries.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan revealed last May a new project that guarantees the return of one million Syrian refugees residing in Turkey to the Syrian interior, stressing that Turkey is working to support the strategy of controlling cross-border migration with projects to encourage voluntary return.

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