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19 Cholera cases were confirmed in Syria’s northwestern camps

The Director of the Vaccination Program at the Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU), Mohammad Salem, confirmed that19 confirmed cholera cases and 152 suspected cholera cases were recorded in camps of northwestern Syria, according to the Anadolu Agency.

Salem explained that one of the reasons behind the doubling of cholera cases is the open sewage, which is used to irrigate vegetables without making sure that they are washed properly.

Salem pointed out that there is a fragility in the infrastructure in terms of potable water, in terms of the amount of water allocated to the individual, and in terms of security and safety procedures for obtaining water.

Salem warned of the disease outbreak in camps and the possibility of reaching the disease to the peak very quickly in less than a month due to the population density, fragile infrastructure, the spread of malnutrition, and the hard living conditions, according to Anadolu agency.

Salem noted that about 30 out of 1,400 camps in northern Syria have cholera cases, which raises concerns due to increasing areas of infections.

Salem called on the people to follow the rules of personal hygiene and to cover the excess food well to avoid an increase in cholera cases, pointing out that the organizations increased the percentage of chlorine in water in the region.

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