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The Director of the World Health Office in Syria is under investigation for corruption cases

Staff at the World Health Organization’s Syrian Office made allegations related to evidence and documents affirming her corruption and mismanaging millions of pounds that support the people, and she was also accused of distributing a large part of the millions to the Assad regime officials. The World Health Organization confirmed that the Oversight Office is investigating the corruption cases.

The organization confirmed that Dr. Akjemal Magtymova the director of the office is under investigation led by the WHO’s Internal Oversight Office. She was also accused of distributing gold coins, computers, and cars, which happened during the Covid-19 period.

The World health statement came in response to inquiries by the American “CNN” station, and said that “it has been a protracted and complex investigation due to the situation in the country and the challenges of getting appropriate access, while ensuring the protection of staff, causing additional complications.”

The Global Health Information Office declined to release further details to preserve the confidentiality of the investigation saying, “Confidentiality and respect for due process do not allow us to comment further on the detailed allegations during this stage.”

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