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Cholera cases have surged in northwestern Syria

The Early Warning, Alert and Response Network confirmed in its recent statistics that the number of cholera cases has increased in northwestern Syria during the past 24 hours.

The Network said in a statistic posted on its “Telegram” website, that the number of cholera cases has surged to 395, after  recording 11 positive cases in northwestern Syria.

The Network pointed out that the number of suspected cases reached 15,481, after recording 508 cases in northwestern regions of Syria, while the number of cholera deaths reached 12 cases.

The Network recorded 274 suspected cases in northeastern Syria, bringing the total number to 24,776 suspected cases, while the number of confirmed cases reached about 161, after recording three positive cases.

“Doctors Without Borders” organization warned on Friday of cholera outbreak in northwestern regions of Syria.

Northwestern regions of Syria suffer from a shortage of water and the pollution of its resources, especially in areas near the Euphrates River and in makeshifts camps that do not have access to water resources.

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