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Russian Foreign Ministry: Our relations with Turkey allow us to resolve the disagreements on Syria through dialogue

Russian Presidential Sopkesman Dmitry Peskov affirmed that the differences between Moscow and Ankara on Syria could resolve through negotiations.

Peskov said on Sunday that “there are differences between Russia and Turkey on Syria, and we have managed to settle some differences through Sochi talks, at the same time we signed a relevant document.”

He pointed out that the level of relations between Russia and Turkey allows us to resolve the existing differences on Syria through negottion.

He continued that “we heard the statements of the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and there were also statements by our representatives who said that we are not satisfied with the way Turkey fulfills its commitments.”

Peskov added that Russia and Turkey could resolve the differences on Syria, not through confrontations rather through intense negotiations even if they were long. Our level of relations and political wisdom allows us for settling the differences.

Peskov’s statements came days after Erdogan’s statements, in which he accused Russia of not adhering to the Sochi agreement signed in 2019.

Erdogan said: “Russia has not fulfilled its promises to “cleanse” the region from the Syrian Democratic Forces, according to Sochi agreement. “Unfortunately, they did not fulfill their promises despite our telling them that we will not stand idly by, and that we will take steps against the terrorists there if they cannot do it themselves”.

These statements have come in light of the recent escalation of Turkish threats to launch a military operation against the Syrian Democratic Forces in the areas of Tal Rifaat and Manbij, as part of its project to establish the safe zone, which Turkey has talked about more than once.

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