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Save the Children: 7000 children remain trapped in the camps of northeastern Syria

Save the Children organization said: “Nearly 7,000 children of foreign nationalities remain trapped in the camps of northeastern Syria.”

The organization added: “517 women and children detained in the camps of northeastern Syria have been repatriated to their countries, but almost 7,000 children of foreign nationality remain trapped there and are at risk of attacks and violence, calling for more efforts to be made to repatriate them.”

The organization affirmed that the repatriation processes need to be promoted further to help children living in the camps. This process will take up to 30 years to repatriate all the children sheltered in the camps if the repatriation rate remains the same as in 2021.

Human Rights Watch said in its long report on detainees, detention centers and camps in northeastern Syria: “until this December 12, the Syrian Democratic Forces are holding roughly 65,600 men and women, as they are suspected of belonging to the Islamic State, including 37,400 foreigners, including more than 27,300 Iraqis detained in the Al-Hol and Roj camps.

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