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American troops carry out three airstrikes against ISIS eastern Syria

The U.S. Central Command “CENTCOM” affirmed in a statement that it carried out three strikes by helicopters within 48 hours in eastern Syria, arresting six members of the “Islamic State” organization.

The statement added that “Among the detainees is a senior official of the Islamic State in Syria called (al-Zubaydi), who is involved in planning and facilitating attacks in Syria.”

The statement pointed out that extensive planning for these operations was carried out to ensure their successful implementation, explaining that initial assessments indicate that no civilians were killed or injured.

The statement pointed out that these joint operations affirm the Central Command’s steadfast commitment to the region and the permanent defeat of ISIS.

The international coalition forces against ISIS in Syria had previously announced the capturing of a prominent ISIS leader in mid-June, during an airdrop in Jarablus area in Aleppo eastern countryside.

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