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Reporters Without Borders: Syria is one of the most dangerous countries for journalists

Reporters Without Borders organization released a report on Friday, affirming that 1668 journalists have been killed while doing their job during the past 20 years. Syria and Iraq are the most dangerous countries for journalists.

The report added that Syria and Iraq occupied the first ranks among the most dangerous countries for journalism between 2003 and 2022 due to the war, where 578 journalists have been killed.

The report made it clear that 95% of the journalists, who have been killed, were male with an annual average of 80 journalists, while 81 female journalists have been killed in the past 20 years.

The report pointed out that 15 countries around the world representing 80% of the journalists killed over the past 20 years. Iraq is the top country concerning the highest death toll 299 journalists, followed by Syria 279, Mexico 125, the Philippines 107, Pakistan 93, and Afghanistan 81.

The Secretary-General of the organization Christophe Deloire said: “Behind the figures, there are the faces, personalities, talent and commitment of those who have paid with their lives for their information gathering, their search for the truth and their passion for journalism.”

The international judges issued on October 19, within the framework of a “people’s court” established by three non-governmental organizations defending press freedom, a symbolic decision to convict the Assad regime for committing human rights violations, due to the failure to hold its officials accountable for the killing of journalists.

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