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Entitled ” To restore the first days of revolution”, mass demonstrations in the north of syria

Hundreds of northern syrian demonstrators gathered on Friday in demonstrations rejecting Turkey’s rapprochement with the Assad regime.Our correspondent reported: “this afternoon’s demonstrations took place in the cities and towns of Idlib, Al-Bab, Al- Atareb, Afrin, Azaz and Darat Izza in the countryside of Aleppo.”

The correspondent added that demonstrators held banners which confirm the constants and objectives of the revolution, and expressed their rejection to all plans aimed to normalizing relations with the Assad regime.

The demonstrators sent a message to the entire world and to Turkey in particular that only by bringing down the Assad regime, which had killed and forcibly displaced millions of Syrians, could the Syrian issue be resolved.

These demonstrations were held in response to calls by activists in the cities and towns of the north of Syria, and to Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s description of objectors to Turkey’s steps on rapprochement with the Assad regime as very few groups and acted in their own interests, considered that representatives of the Syrian opposition showed no reaction.

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