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Hulusi Akar: we may expand joint patrols in northern Syria

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar announced on Wednesday that his country is continuing the negotiations with Russia and the Assad regime regarding the establishment of a safe zone in northern Syria.

Akar stated that “we may expand joint patrols between Ankara and Moscow in northern Syria,” based on talks with Assad regime.

Akar expressed his hope to continue the negotiations with the defence ministers of Russia and the Assad regime in a “reasonable and logical” manner.

Akar confirmed that the Turkish government will do nothing against the Syrian people.

Akar made it clear that the Turkish position towards the meeting in Moscow is to defend Turkey and its people, and that his country will not do anything against the Syrians, who live in Turkey or Syria.

It is noteworthy that last Wednesday a tripartite meeting was held in the Russian capital between the defense ministers of Turkey, Russia, and Syria for the first time since 2011.

The tripartite meeting discussed the Syrian situation, the refugee issue, and terrorist organizations in Syria, according to the Turkish Defense Ministry’s statement.

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