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The Syrian Network for Human Rights: Russia uses the veto power to plunder humanitarian aid

The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) said in a report released on Monday that Russia aims to plunder the humanitarian aid entering across the border.

The (SNHR) entitled its report “Russia’s veto to prevent UN aid entry is unlawful and aims to plunder the aid.”

The report affirmed the need to end the Russian blackmail over the UN aid which manipulates the Syrian humanitarian file.

The (SNHR) pointed out that Syria still has the largest number of internally displaced in the world 6.8 million people. This year 15 million Syrians will be in need for humanitarian assistance.

The majority of the populations in northwestern Syria depend mainly on cross-border aid, and Russia is exploiting their harsh conditions to use them as hostages and blackmail the international community, according to Fadel Abdul Ghany the head of the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

It is noteworthy that Russia has vetoed four times to reduce the four border crossings to only two, they are Bab Al-Hawa and al-Salama border crossings between Turkey and Syria, through which humanitarian aid enters for the Syrians.

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