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Cholera death toll rises to 19 in northwest Syria

The Syrian Civil Defence announced on Tuesday that cholera death toll raised to 19 in addition to 552 cholera confirmed cases in northwest Syria, according to medical authorities.

The Civil Defense said in a Facebook post that with the continuing cholera outbreak in the region, our teams continue the works of emergency response, sanitation, transferring positive and suspected cholera cases to specialized health centers, and holding awareness sessions to curb cholera outbreak among civilians.

The Civil Defense advised the people to pay attention to the sources of drinking water and boil it before drinking, if it is not sterilized with chlorine and to be supervised by medical authorities, cook the food well, wash vegetables before eating them, and adhere to preventive measures.

The Syrian Civil Defense warned of the risks in case cholera disease spreads wider in northwest Syria, posing a real threat to people’s lives and portending a real catastrophe under the current circumstances such as the poor infrastructure.

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