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Netanyahu: We are determined to fight any Iranian entrenchment in Syria

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that Tel Aviv is determined to fight the Iranian bases in Syria and any attempts by the Lebanese “Hezbollah” militia to endanger Israel’s security.

Netanyahu made it clear on Tuesday through his visit to the Israeli Northern Command headquarters accompanied by the Defense Minister Yoav Gallan that Tel Aviv is determined to fight any attempt by the Lebanese “Hezbollah” militia to show aggression against Israel from Lebanon, warning Hezbollah of crossing the red lines, according to Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation.

Netanyahu confirmed that the main enemy which Tel Aviv faces is “the terrorist regime in Iran.”

This visit comes hours after the Israeli army announced in a statement on Twitter the launching of sudden military maneuvers on the northern border, where its forces will conduct a surprise military drills in the Finger of Galilee area (The Galilee Panhandle) near the Lebanese border.

The statement mentioned that the military maneuver will start on Wednesday and will last for two hours from 9 a.m. to 11, pointing out that this military maneuver is part of the military training program for 2023.

The northern region adjacent to the border with Lebanon has been witnessing a cautious calm recently, while Israel launches airstrikes occasionally inside the Assad regime-controlled areas in Syria, targeting mostly headquarters and military bases of the pro-Iranian militias.

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