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Al-Monitor: Turkish rapprochement with the Assad regime faces many obstacles

The American Website “Al-Monitor” said in a report on Sunday that the Turkish rapprochement with the Assad regime is heading in a bumpy road and facing many obstacles, pointing out that Ankara and Damascus need to change their positions to avoid a collision through their seeking to normalize their relations.

The report stated that Assad regime rejects to treat the Syrian Democratic Forces as terrorist organizations as Ankara would like, considering that Ankara and Damascus are on a bumpy road due to Bashar al-Assad obstinacy and the calculating style of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The report pointed out that a few people can say certainly whether Erdogan has taken irrevocable choice to normalize relations with the Assad regime, or whether he sees the process as an electoral investment.

The report pointed out that Erdogan could be satisfied with some steps, such as opening the “Yayladaği” crossing opposite the “Kasab” crossing in Syria, organizing several convoys to return refugees, and withdrawing some Turkish forces from Syria, if only for show.

The Assad regime foreign minister Faisal al-Mikdad linked any meetings with the Turkish side to what he called the foundations to respect Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, end the occupation and stop supporting the terrorism.

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