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US expert: Normalization with the Assad regime is outside Biden’s options

An expert in conflict resolution at the International Review organization said on Monday in contrast to Washington’s statements and criticisms concerning the normalization with the Assad regime that we could see behind the scenes the echoes different from the public data and conferences.

The expert added through the Washington program broadcasted by North Press Agency that the United States has always had an opposing position to any normalization process with the Assad regime, and there is no plan to normalize relations except for urgent matters.

The expert confirmed that normalization with the Assad regime is outside Biden’s options, but there are some margins that are given to our allies in the region through coordination with Damascus, and attempts to communicate and perhaps get something in return.

The United States has expressed several times its complete rejection of any attempt that would restore the legitimacy of the Assad regime, and has also criticized the recent political rapprochement between the Turkish government and the Assad regime under Russian auspices.

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