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Turkey welcomes Iran’s participation in normalization process with the Assad regime

Turkey’s Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said on Tuesday that Turkey welcomes Iran’s participation in normalization process between Turkey and Assad regime by Russia’s mediation, which will facilitate eliminating the threats against Turkey.

Kalin affirmed that the date of meeting between the foreign minsters of Turkey and Assad regime has not been determined yet. Communications are going on to determine the date and place.

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday that an agreement had been reached concerning Iran’s participation in the normalization process between Turkey and the Assad regime mediated by Moscow.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged earlier to continue the meetings between Turkey, Russia and the Assad regime, with the participation of Iran, aiming to achieve stability in northern Syria.

The past few weeks witnessed a slowdown in the pace of Turkish normalization with the Assad regime, and the statements released by Turkish officials in this regard decreased, while the Assad regime escalated its rhetoric against Turkey and renewed its demand to withdraw from Syrian territory and stop supporting the opposition.

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