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The Syrian Negotiation Commission: The resolution in Syria is not a humanitarian, but rather a political one that meets the aspirations of the Syrians

The “Syrian Negotiation Commission ” affirmed on Friday that the solution in Syria is not a humanitarian one, but rather a political one that meets the aspirations of the Syrian people.

This statement came during a meeting held by the head of the Syrian Negotiation Commission, Badr Jamous, with the head of the EU Delegation to Syria, Dan Stoenescu, in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

The Syrian Negotiation Commission made it clear during the meeting that any delay to solve the crisis will exacerbate the suffering of the Syrians inside and outside Syria.

The Syrian Negotiation Commission headed by Badr Jamous has previously demanded the EU to increase the humanitarian aids, especially the educational field, support the Syrians, and find a political solution to end the crisis in Syria, during a meeting he held earlier in the capital of Belgium, Brussels.

He stressed that it is not possible to continue draining the Syrian people by the Assad regime, which does not accept solutions to achieve peace in Syria, through the implementation of international resolutions.

European Union official Helen Le Cale affirmed, at the end of the meeting, that “EU stands against any normalization with the Assad regime, and EU will not support reconstruction or sanctions lifting before achieving progress towards political solution in accordance with the UN Security Council Resolutions.”

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