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“Heroes unsung” American singer Dylan Connor launches song for Syrian Revolution martyrs

On Saturday, American singer Dylan Connor released a song entitled ” Heroes unsung “, which mentioned a number of Syrian Revolution martyrs.

Connor posted the video of the song on his YouTube channel, accompanied by a translation into Arabic, in which he praised a number of activists and media professionals who had spent the years of the revolution, including Raad Al-Faris, Hamoud Junaid, Khaled Al-Issa, Abdul Basit Al-Sarout and a number of other prominent and revolutionary figures who had aroused against the Assad regime since the start of the revolution in 2011.

The song’s video included images of the martyrs, as well as their revolutionary words such as: “Unsung heroes, illuminate the night, the dark folds of space cannot consume their light, so that the nameless might hear their name, enshrined in the unsung heroes hall of fame.

The singer Connor is known for his support of the revolution and peaceful demonstrations, launching several songs, including “Idlib the Revolution Lives”, and “The Revolution remains”.

In 2018, Conner told Radio Rosana: “Syrians in Idlib should know that they are not alone and not feel abandoned by the world, there are a lot of people around the world working all the time for their cause, for justice, for documenting crimes committed by the Assad regime.”

Connor has repeatedly expressed support for the Syrian Revolution, whether through songs, or through carrying revolutionary leaflets, and is married to a Syrian woman.

Connor, with many singers,  has previously released a song album, “Songs for Syria”, in solidarity with Syrians and their revolution.

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