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Earthquake death toll in northwest Syria mounts to 2,190 with more than 2,950 injured

Earthquake death toll in northwest Syria has surpassed 2,190 deaths and more than 2950 injured.

Syrian Civil Defence (The White Helmets) confirmed that the death toll is still expected to rise because hundreds of families remain trapped under the rubble.

Syrian Civil Defence added that the team continues the search and rescue operations amid hard conditions, working for more than 90 hours after the earthquake hit the region.

Syrian Civil Defence pointed out that 418 buildings were completely destroyed, 1300 buildings were partially damaged, and thousands of buildings were cracked in northwest Syria.

A deadly earthquake hit Syria at dawn on Monday, killing thousands of people and causing massive damage to the buildings. The Syrian Civil Defense teams continue search and rescue operations as rescuers face great obstacles and difficulties, coinciding with the shortage of capabilities and necessary mechanisms and equipment for rescue, amid bad weather conditions.

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